Thank you for the overwhelming comments and interest in this topic.  It only proves that a lot of people, even newly graduates are keen on joining the industry.  This is good news.  In as much as I would like to answer all your emails individually (which I have to most readers), I would like to summarize what I’ve sent so far.

Q: “I plan to work in a call center.  Please give me advice.  I want to pass the interview and if there are favorable answers to your questions, please send it over.  What are the qualifications?”

Michael has spent the time to answer the questions that have been posted in my article. It is a good start and should work on getting specific answers that you would be comfortable with.  He has also listed some witty answers that you shouldn’t say during the interview.  I know I’ve interviewed some of them.

The “How” is Important
Going through and passing the recruitment process is dependent on passing the assessments and how you communicate to the interviewer.  Remember, this is a call center so we need to know HOW you answer the questions more than what you answered.  The tone of your voice is critical and make sure you are confident when answering questions.  The “what” can be taught in training.

More advice as you read through “Practice and Research“.

Originally posted on Call Center Script.


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