Faith emailed and asked some advice on how to pass the initial group of exams being conducted in call centers.  This is her story (edited):

“Hi! I am applying for a call center job but I still don’t have it. I’ve applied in several call centers and had my exam today but I didn’t make it.  I also went to a job fair and was successful but failed the final interview.  I will not give up and hope that someday I will be able to work in a call center.”

Here is an excerpt of my response.

“Most outsourced (international clients) call centers conduct exams specifically oncommunication skills, both written and verbal.  There is a standard that is expected from all applicants and passing Basic English grammar would be one.”

“What I suggest is for you to go through a simple course that will aid you in passing the exams.  Verbal skills are important since this is thecore skill that is needed in a call center. There are schoolsand companies that offer English courses within their organization. Written skills are important as well, which will include business correspondence and email etiquette.”

“The final interview is also critical because the manner you speak, your personality and motivation to join the call center will be evaluated.”

It’s pretty simple but if work is being outsourced, it’s a different story. A lot of people have taken this for granted, thinking that being able to understand and converse in English is enough.

Learn and practice.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice.

Originally posted on Call Center Script.


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