Interviewing for a new job is always scary, especially for a new graduate.  With no experience and little information about the job, it is normal to hesitate.

A lot of readers sent their emails asking alist of questions and favorable answers to call center agent interviews.  Though it would be easier to give the answers, it would not be fair to you or the company interviewing for the open positions.  What we can do is provide some guidance on how to pass.

Someone asked what thequalifications would be to become a call center agent.  The generic profile would be dependent on whether this is a voice or non-voice account.  You can further expand this into inbound and outbound.  Usually HR would list down the general qualifications for your reference but I suggest you research a little bit more.

If you have friends who are in the industry, they are a great resource to talk about how their interview went.  You need to research about the company as well and the position they are looking for.  Their website is more often than not included in the job ad.  Start from there.

Not everyone is lucky to pass any interview and all we need is practice.  Does this mean you have to go through a lot before you are hired?  This is possible and has happened to a lot of job seekers in this industry.  Remember, I mentioned in a previous post that the “how” is important.  Practice with different people (friends, acquaintances, or even your family).  Working in a call center means having to deal with different personalities and if you’re comfortable with that, then you are on your way.

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