So, you have friends in the circle and they’ve been telling you their stories, good or bad.  You either just finished school or perhaps you are curious about the hustle and bustle of the industry.  What’s the first step?

First level: Agent
Answering phones or calling people would be your first job.  There are some who may make it to the center without any experience as a business manager or even get into administrative departments.  But, if you want to understand how everything works, it is recommended that you start from here.

Tim Stay has also outlined other positions that you can read about in his article “Call Center Jobs”.

Basic Requirements 
I don’t want to oversimplify the qualifications but if you are comfortable sitting on a desk talking to people everyday, then you’re set.
Training is provided by most call centers so you don’t have to worry about whether you need to study in an academy or finish a course before applying for the job.
There are so many companies out there who can provide you the best working environment but before you submit your resume’ you need to ask questions.  Check the compensation, what they offer as benefits and of course what type of program you’re going to be joining.

The HR department will be able to point you to the right account depending on your current skills.  What’s great about it is you can still learn more skills if you go to several programs.
Tim has provided some links to websites you can check out specifically for call center applicants.  The next step: “Where to find call center jobs?

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