Just a few hours ago, yet another Facebook feature was released – embedding photos on comments. It’s a no-brainer for Facebook users. Instead of attaching a link to a photo which creates a preview (sometimes this doesn’t work 100% of the time), you can now just upload an image.

Great! Now, will you be using this feature often? If so, how can you leverage this beyond the personal engagement with friends? Here are some suggestions.

Event Audience Engagement

Being a virtual events advocate, I deal with different types from live streaming, webcasts, to Google Hangouts. A popular engagement tool is Twitter (a streaming Tweet wall) where the audience can join in the conversation during the event. We know we can tweet pictures there but this is a good way you can use Facebook.

As shown in the screenshot, I attended the Social Media Club Auckland (SMCAKL) event as one of the organizers. Posting it on my Facebook wall is a good way to market it and other participants can share their pictures. I can see that people can share creative photos to respond and engage in the thread.

But, noticed that this feature hasn’t been rolled out to Facebook pages. That might be a bit of a challenge for brands. Hope Facebook opens this up very soon.

Beyond the Foursquare Check-In

Going back to my screenshot. I checked into the venue, letting people know where the event is taking place. An alternative to market the venue.

A cafe can involve their customers to post pictures of their favorite food. Say, a simple poll to ask what special they should have in the weekend. Getting their patrons to post pictures on the comments area would be an alternative way to get them hungry and their friends, and their friend’s friend and…well, you see where I’m going here.

Showcasing a Portfolio

Having a network of creatives specifically those who can illustrate, do graphic design, and photography, it would be nice to see a community to showcase their portfolio. How?

Photographers can showcase their expertise by uploading their photos in the comments area. One can start a thread on a subject, say, the best beach pictures you’ve ever taken. I can see a deluge of photo comments.

Product Recommendations

It’s a social world. We trust what our friends suggest when we’re looking for a product or service. “Can you recommend a good hotel?” or “What’s the best phone to buy that has…” or even “What dress should I wear tonight?”

Text comments can be misunderstood and yes, sometimes a photo can show more than words. This is a great way to help friends make an informed decision on their purchase.

I’m hoping this list sparks more ideas on how you can use the feature beyond the personal benefits. Feel free to add more to the list. I’m all ears! Oh, better yet, go to my Facebook wall and post pictures of your ideas!

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