With the overwhelming emails and comments I’ve received since I posted the Call Center Agent Interview Questions article, I thought it would good to offer a series of webinars to answer your questions.

As a start, I will be conducting one this coming November 8, specifically for job seekers within the Philippines.  It will focus on the local recruitment process, the standard requirements expected of a call center agent applicant, and will touch on some of the common interview questions along with tips on how to answer them.

CallCenterJobWebinarAs this is done online, there are no geographical constraints.  All you need is a computer with broadband Internet connection and a PC headset with a microphone.  Isn’t that cool? What makes it better is that it is for FREE.  So don’t worry about shelling out any money just to attend.

Though this is primarily for potential call center newbies, it is also open to those who are interested in knowing what recruitment practices are being done by centers in the Philippines.

You can register for the event here.  Looking forward to your attendance on Saturday!maximizingsuccess_comments1maximizingsuccess_comments2


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