2009 has been eventful, yet challenging.  The path I chose when I left employment was hard.  2009 presented itself with a business opportunity and it was a year that tested my patience.  With sheer determination, confidence and full support from loved ones and colleagues, I have faith that the next year will bring in good tidings.

Year of the Tiger, Lucky for a Water Ox
Looking at the forecast for 2010 through Feng Shui, I am told that the Water Ox can expect excellent success and money luck. Lilian Too’s book states, “The Water Ox has absolutely superb Financial and Success Luck which show that in terms of attaining business or money goals, you will definitely do better than you expect.”

I’m excited and has given me a boost of confidence that things will get better next year.  Hard work is still to be expected but this will motivate me to move forward, more than ever.

New Partnerships
I’ve forged new partnerships with a couple of companies and individuals in the latter year of 2009.  The prospect of these projects being successful is high.  New platforms and products to be offered is in ProFora’s midst.  When executed, the potential is huge!

Blogging Success
For the past few months, I’ve focused on getting my blogs more content.  Fixing each with a new template, allowing me to plug in more tools and help me spread the word made me decide that it is time to invest more time on my passion to write. As I push myself to write more and might be able to start on my long overdue book.

Travel, Travel, Travel
I see myself traveling to other parts of the country, both for work and pleasure. I am also planning to get Mon out of the country and experience different cultures in 2010.  It’s a goal and it’s going to happen.  First stop? New Zealand. Something we’ve been planning for a long time now.  With a great financial outlook, this can happen.

Only a few minutes left till midnight, I wish everyone a GREAT year ahead! Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010! Woohoo!

Photo courtesy of Selva Ganapathy‘s Flickr Photostream.

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