What does a “911” call center look like?  How are dispatchers or agents trained? What does it take to be one?

I recently posted about the idea of a call center for emergency services being outsourced. I couldn’t help but research a little bit about these centers and what goes on in a highly stressful center. Here is what I’ve found.

Emergency numbers are configured differently than other call center numbers. Each country has its own number that goes through dedicated lines to ensure it gets connected in the fastest possible time. Usually the system is set up once a call is made to this number, it has to be answered. Even if the call was abandoned, it is still in queue until answered and determined whether it was to be released.

Workstations are not typical. They have several screens and should have access to dispatch a unit immediately. Adjustable keyboards and seats are available so that they are able to work while sitting or standing.

Dispatchers go through extensive training and are up skilled with the latest hands-on emergency techniques. Most have experienced these situations. Agents should be able to make quick, fast and smart decisions over a short period of time, especially in life threatening situations. Call control and efficiency is critical to every call they take.

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