A New Zealand 111 (ala 911) agent was reprimanded for failing to get critical information when a woman called to report her husband was threatening her life.  Her husband was shot.  Reports state that it would’ve prepared police to handle the situation.

Okay, so what does this got to do with outsourcing emergency services then?  What’s interesting to note is the last sentence in the story was “The report acknowledges there were language barriers during the calls.”  This struck a chord and for a second there, I thought it was outsourced.  I am sure it isn’t.  Knowing that New Zealand has a lot of immigrants from different countries, which might have possibly been a rational explanation for the report.

But would we ever see the day when call centers such as 911 or 111 be outsourced?  Anything is possible nowadays, but I seriously wouldn’t want it to happen.  It’s too critical.  I would expect that people on the phones handling these types of calls should have a license.

Do share if you know any center that outsource this.  I’d also like to know how it is managed and how one can be hired to be part of the staff.  I’m listening.

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