hangoutgplusI was going through my Google + stream and found this virtual live streaming event. It is thus far the longest hangout session. I decided to watch through Livestream on HangoutOnGplus since I just wanted to observe before I jumped into the room.

I was instantly hooked and spent about 2 hours just listening to the people discuss about Google+, some proposed an arranged marriage, some just dropped by and was quiet most of the time, and it also came a point where people had a chance to introduce themselves. What made it interesting was that it was a mix of people from different backgrounds and cultures. There was really no moderator and the conversation was free flowing. It was indeed a worldwide public video chat room of 10 people (max capacity of Hangout at this point).

Watch a live stream of the Hangout from here and if there is a free slot open, go right ahead and join the Hangout session.



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