It should be noted that my life has turned around and I never thought I would explore entrepreneurship once more. My last taste of this endeavor was about 11 years ago.  Being a pioneer of all sorts, I’ve always wanted to be different and wanted to share the new things in life with everyone else.

Today, I am walking on thin ice as I go through the business world as a founder and president of a content provider.  As a start, I would be offering my fellow countrymen a service that would help them save time and money, yet getting the benefit of learning something more to aid them with their professional and personal life.

Webinars galore!  Yes, by using today’s technology and power of the Internet, I offer educational content to my customers through a webinar (online seminar).

As a niche’, we will be helping even the broad C market to know this technology as an alternative to the academe educational system.  Interestingly enough, despite of the fact that I’ve managed to receive my diploma and was a good student, I believe it’s not the only way to be successful.

With this, it is my goal to provide this to those who yearn to enhance their skills to be a better person and reach the success they’ve always dreamed of.

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