I was fortunate to have been invited to be a guest in a TV show called The SME Forum, which broadcasts every Monday morning at GNN (Destiny Cable, channel 21).

The topic for that day was “Why Businesses (Entrepreneurs) Fail?”, where we discussed a few reasons why we fail in our businesses and how training can help bridge that gap. It being a broad topic, there wasn’t enough time to discuss it in length. I’m hoping that whoever was watching during the live show learned a few things.

Good news is that they are inviting me back sometime November for their show on “Virtuality”. This one I’m excited about since it is in line with my business. I’m hoping that the questions would showcase what we have to offer.

Thanks again to Boom San Agustin and Alvin Tan, the hosts of the show, for giving me the opportunity to guest on their show.

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