Last June 14, Linchpins from around the world connected to discuss new ideas and inspire others. I was very fortunate to have met 8 of them in Manila.

Edgardo Dangoy, Jennifer Silverman, Louella Paranal, Bryan Danta, Gladys Hernando, Mike Collins and Richard Cruz. These individuals were inspired by Seth Godin’s book and they all have the fire in them to move ahead with their passions.

One is passionate about parenting and would like to share how to raise kids. Another would like to bring baseball in the forefront and sees the talent in Filipinos within the sport. There is a writer who works in one of the leading television networks, whose passion is to deliver better programming and focus on the intellects, away from the usual “brainless” shows that you see everyday in Philippine television. One linchpin is a true fan of Seth Godin (he has read all his books) and is passionate about internet marketing and has shared his expertise to 25 (and counting) Filipinos within his company. A couple of young and driven individuals are still finding their way to being one and has yet to find their true passion in life.

The group is small but it has big dreams. I don’t even expect it to grow (yet) because being a Linchpin is difficult. The lizard brain is very powerful and it takes time for anyone to master the art of seducing it. But, I know in my gut that things will “ship” very soon.

If you want to know more about how to become a Linchpin, below is a great video summary of the book. Better yet, get the book (or borrow from a friend) and I guarantee it’s worth every peso.

Still not convinced or you need more information? Here is an on-demand webinar where Seth Godin was interviewed about being a Linchpin.

Join us! We need YOU! The Linchpin Philippines Facebook page is now up and we look forward to meeting more Linchpins.

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