Whoa! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted my game links so I have some catching up to do.

I’m listing quick start guides from major games that I’ve written for Gamezebo. There were some changes and a need to do a huge walkthrough for these games so the writer was credited and my quick guide was merged. Unfortunately, their site can’t place two writers in a post so my name got lost in the process. To get credited, I’m including the links of those that I’ve originally written.

Keep on playing!


Your Empire’s Interface
Hire a Tax Collector
Build Houses
Construct Happiness Buildings
Visiting Neighbors
Organizing and Expanding your Empire


Duties of a Hello City Mayor
Constructing Houses
Adding Business Establishments
Collecting Coins
Removing Roadblocks
Free Facebook Credits


Live your Adventure
Customize your Avatar
Tame the Wilderness
Defend your Land
Farm and Ranch Management
Fulfill Quests
Today’s Weather

If you are interested in adding me as a neighbor in any of these games, you can add my gaming profile, Petal Mayer. I had to separate it from my personal account so that I can publish all game events to experience all aspects of the game.  If you are a game developer or publication that publishes articles on social games, I am also available to accept more writing assignments.


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