“When you’re in, it’s hard to get out.  If you try to look for work outside the industry, it isn’t the same.” Most call center employees I’ve known have always said this.  Despite of the stress and constant complaints, most of us still stay and miss it.

Some of my friends, who are in hiatus mode, have told me there have been “side effects” which they’ve only noticed now.

Here is a partial list.

  1. They eat faster and usually check the time every 2 minutes.
  2. Answering their home phone would start with a complete opening spiel.
  3. Coffee is just part of their usual routine.  Just can’t start the day (or night) without it.
  4. Long time friends are shocked that they’re alive since they’ve been always asleep during the day to work at night.
  5. They’re more comfortable buying from a vending machine even if establishments are open.
  6. Cupboards are full of Tupperware and plastic containers.
  7. Smoking is another habit that they’ve started and can’t seem to quit.
  8. They prefer using earphones than using the speakers at home.
  9. Cooking may be an option, but would rather call someone to deliver food.
  10. They are BORED.

Some may find this ridiculous but they are all true.  It doesn’t paint a pretty picture, but believe it or not, we enjoy the company of other call center folks and even miss the STRESS.

Originally posted in Call Center Script.
Side Effects of Working in a Call Center
Side Effects of Working in a Call Center_Comment

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