Two huge events catering to both the broadcasting and infocomm industries is set to happen on June 15 to 18, 2010 at the Singapore Expo. CommunicAsia2010 / EnterpriseIT2010 and BroadcastAsia2010 / InteractiveDME will accommodate about 58,000 square meters of exhibition space from different leading companies all over the world.

Expect a showcase of the hottest technologies and latest innovations on mobile broadcasting, digital signage, 3D, audio technology, 4G, navigation based services, cloud computing, satellite communications, mobile TV, wireless technologies and much more!

Both conferences is filled with programs that encompasses the whole spectrum of the business.  From learning about the technology behind the solution down to marketing and ROI, it is indeed a cradle to grave model. Here is a sneak peek of what topics are to be discussed:

  • WIMAX and the Demand for Broadband
  • 4G Migration: The Value Proposition
  • Next Generation Broadband Access: A Gateway to a Smart Economy
  • Cloud Computing – Driving Agile IT
  • How to Make Green Power for Telecom a Key to Business Success
  • Content Discovery For The New Media – 5 Challenges Ahead
  • The Challenges and Advantages of Hybrid Broadcast/Broadband Delivery
  • Going live with 3D Television
  • Social Networking consumption: An impact to the traditional broadcasters?
  • Transition of Personalized Media to Social Media – How Can You Safely Give Up Control of Content to the New Generation of Content “Providers”?

For more details and updates on both events, their event sites are available for you to check out and register.

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