The past few weeks have been crucial to my evolution and with the recent celebration of my birthday, another year of uncertainty is about to unfold.

Uncertainty. A word that I used to dread. I was the type of person who would make sure everything goes exactly as planned. Any changes to the plan would make me anxious. Recently, I’ve managed to learn how to accept uncertainty and look at it at something positive rather than destructive. I now welcome it with open arms.

With this new found attitude, I looked at the big vase I have at my office that served as my piggy bank, which is now full of coins. Regardless of the amount, I’ve religiously placed coins in it, knowing that one has to “save for a rainy day”. Most people would advise me to deposit it in my account and start all over, probably even in a time deposit account so it can grow. The old me would definitely do the same, but things have changed.

Looking at the pile of coins that I’ve neatly organized on my desk, I decided to do the unthinkable. Not knowing how much it is, I’ve decided to start a new tradition. My piggy bank was not going to be for me, but its purpose is now to help educate the less fortunate or those who need it most. I’ve been blessed to have the resources to keep on learning through countless mediums. Not everyone has the luxury of what I have.

This brings me back to the good old days when I enjoyed training people and how I’ve always been frustrated with our educational system. This brought back memories of when I decided to leave the corporate world and pursue a dream that involved educating people, to help inspire them and be a better person. It reminded me why I started my virtual events (webinar) business in the first place.

As I continue to count the coins, I’ve decided to save to give education to others. I have yet to think of how to do this, but one thing for sure I’m going to do this every time my vase is full or when it is needed, whichever come first. It might just be enough to buy a couple of textbooks or an hour of tutoring, but it will definitely be geared towards education.

Photo courtesy of Am-a’s photostream.

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