I have a hobby that became a passion. For years, I’ve been testing heaps of virtual tools and recommending them to clients and friends. Some worked well and I’m still using them to this day. This is the reason this blog exists.

Being an entrepreneur, I’ve searched high and low for a tool that will help me manage my business. Did I say, ONE tool? Yes, I’ve found it.

RealStew, my global communication centre, is a platform for me to manage my communications, knowledge, and financial across all my businesses.

UPDATE 2015:

It’s been several months since I logged into the tool and with good reason.

I’ve personally watched how it evolved, oh so very slowly. It had its potential but the company was mismanaged. There was no business model and the “promise” of it overtaking other social networks like Facebook or Google and getting into the London and the New Zealand Stock Exchange was a complete farce.

I admit that I was caught up in the “promise” and was seriously wanting it to succeed. Who wouldn’t want to be part of a start-up that might make it big in the online landscape. But, as I got more involved in the work, I saw the truth.

Fast forward to now.

I’ve heard from past colleagues that they’ve released a mobile app for their chat tool. Super. Also heard they joined Virgin Media Business’ Pitch to Rich programme. Right.

Moving on…

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