I started out when we had no choice but use a tape recorder stuck to an analog phone. Can you imagine dialing an agent’s ID and wait until the right moment to press the Record button?  That was then. Now most call centers have their own automated recording solution.

Technology is evolving and quality monitoring is focusing elsewhere other than compliance.  With the recent added features such as speech analytics and call mining, strategies are now changing.

We are now focusing on monitoring calls to improve business processes within the center.  We’ve evolved into listening to calls that are taking longer than expected, those that have long and frequent hold time, escalated ones and even those that pertain to new products that have been launched.  It is good to take note that all of these relate to customer satisfaction.

We interpret data to not only improve agent performance on existing processes but how they can adapt to new ones.  Training them to think forward and include the agents into the recording process as well. Using current technologies such as trigger recording will then categorize it into a bucket where QA analysts can focus on and feed the data to the right department.

There are companies out there offering virtual recording services that centers could invest in, which in turn can save them money. Incorporate it into your strategies and you will realize there is so much data you can tap into.

If you are planning or currently using this, I would love to hear from you.

Originally posted on Call Center Script.

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