I was once a newbie in the call center industry; entering into a world I had always been curious about since beepers came into our side of the world.

My first taste of the industry was in outbound. I went through all the rejections and the successful completes plus adapted to the different personalities and the environment. I realized…”Hey, this is fun!” I moved onwards to inbound and received calls from happy people and also experienced the world of “unsatisfied customers”. This pointed me to the direction of Quality, which was my next milestone.

Since then, it was history.

I now specialize and work currently as Training and Quality Manager in one of the Top 5 global call centers. My passion to mentor and make things better for the industry made me even more passionate to look for ways to make customers happy.

Despite the negativity around outsourcing, I’ve seen success and heard happy customers. My goal now is to reverse this and prove that regardless where your call drops in, the person on the other side can help. It does sound like asking for peace in the world, but hey, people can move mountains can’t they?

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