Due to today’s constant advancement of technology, we expect gadgets to come out with the latest and most number of features in one device. It is common to have a phone, camera and wireless connectivity in one. It’s just cool to have one but a waste to bring into the office if you work in a call center. Well, not entirely.

If one searchesYou Tube andother related websites that offer users to upload their own video, by typing the phrase “call center”, you will receive a lot of hits. Though most are entertaining, there are a lot that breach PCI compliance and security for clients.

Now, PCI just doesn’t mean only protecting card holder data but can include proprietary information as well.

Despite the policies that have been implemented, it isn’t adhered strictly by the employees. Seen as harmless, they are not aware that they’ve just leaked proprietary information by uploading the video of their center.

Here are some simple rules to follow and consider before you startsharing your video to the world:

  • No company logos (client’s or your company)
  • Don’t show what is displayed on your screen. It might just contain sensitive information.
  • Keep it generic.
  • Edit, edit and edit.
Originally posted on Call Center Script.


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