I’ve always been a gamer.  It started when the Atari came out, then Nintendo, Play Station, PC games, and now Facebook casual games.  I used to spend hours during my free time playing games but because of the demands of adulthood and my job, it has changed.

A few years back, I discovered casual games and loved it.  It was a perfect way for me to relieve stress because it didn’t demand too much of my time.  Playing a new downloadable game every 2-3 weeks was part of my routine. Time management, simulation and strategy games were the usual genres I played.

Now, because of Facebook, I’ve become addicted to games within the site. From Farmville to Cafe World and even NanoTowns, I’m one among the millions in the world who checks daily and makes sure the crops haven’t withered.

Because of my addiction and passion for writing, I decided to write a guide for NanoTowns in my Throb of Knowledge blog. It stemmed from the fact that I didn’t find any guide on the game.  So, I started writing and thought it would benefit other NanoTown gamers.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been fortunate to have been contacted by Joel Brodie, the Founder and CEO of Gamezebo.  He saw my posts and gave me a chance to write for his website. It was a great opportunity! Not only do I get the chance to play and write, Gamezebo is home to me.  I’ve been a subscriber and loyal reader for years now. I accepted the job and enjoying every minute of it.

I currently write quick start guides and tips for new Facebook games.  If you want to know more about the latest, Gamezebo is the place to go.

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