I’ve been told that I have too many ideas and new shining toys. Others have said I have too many interests and should stick to just one. Am I considered as a Jack of all Trades but a Master of None? There was a time in my life that I believed this but having to experience and reaped the benefits of what I’ve accomplished, I disagree with this statement.

Despite the numerous projects that I’ve worked on, there is a pattern to all this chaos and this has always been my focus since. A few things stuck out and one is blogging (or writing as others would prefer to call it). My passion to share knowledge to those who care to listen has always been there from the start. I’ve been very fortunate to have been given the chance to do so through this medium.

With this being said, I’d like to take this opportunity to share what I’ve done in the past and projects that I’m working on. Probably a little bit of history would be good too.

Humble History

It was 2002 when I first tried writing about my life online. The blogosphere was scarce and there were only a couple of platforms being offered. LiveJournal was my first home but eventually moved to Blogger. After a few years, I found Squarespace and this is when I decided to move to the next level and talk about my professional life at Call Center Blurbs and closed my Blogger posts to the public.

My first stint as a professional blogger was when Know More Media’s COO offered me a job to contribute to one of their blogs within their network – Call Center Script. I gave it a shot and this is where I got formally trained, met a lot of great writers and learned the business perspective of running a blog network. Despite the stressful lifestyle in the BPO industry, I wrote in the weekends and earned extra money. I even tried contributing to BizToolBelt, but my schedule didn’t quite fit in. Unfortunately, the KMM team had to part ways due to financial reasons.

My Projects Today

Fast forward to today, I’ve started and revamped niche’ blogs as a medium for me to continue sharing my knowledge. WordPress is my platform of choice and have been using it since.

Call Center Blurbs still exists and when KMM ceased operations, some of my readers moved here. I’m thinking of how to continue on and provide more content to my readers.

Update: I’ve decided to retire the Call Center Blurbs blog and the domain. I might resurrect it some day, if I have time to find all my previous posts in my archive.

I’ve always been an advocate of providing excellent customer service and Philippine Customer Service serves that purpose. I have so much content in my so called “writing den” that hasn’t been published yet. I’ve invited Paolo Reyes to be my co-blogger in the site, being someone who shares the same passion I have to elevate service in the country.

A Throb of Knowledge has been a hodgepodge of topics and was more of a placeholder for posts that don’t fit in any of my blogs. Originally called Knowledge Pulse, it was supposed to be focused on things I learn and discuss my new and shiny toy discoveries.

Philippine Webinars was born out of the need to connect it to my business. The world of webinars specifically for the local market.

One would think it would end there but I’ve just started a new one called Social Games Broadcast, a video blog site that showcases social games from different developers. I’m currently in the midst of adding more content but I’m seeing a lot of traffic already. This was born out of my experience from my current writing career within the gaming industry.

With so many blogs, managing my business, and planning to launch other projects (yes, there are more but not blogs), I am only one person. I’ve been branded as a “super woman” but we all know that super heroes need help from friends too. If you’d like to join in the fun, you know where to find me.

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