As I tweet links to share to my followers, it is always customary to check out what other people are tweeting about.  As much as I love checking out the tweets, one thing bothers me.

Some people “twit” and not “tweet”.

Okay, before you start thinking I’m an elitist, hear me out.

I, at one point doubted myself.  I asked, “Am I tweeting or twitting?” Hey, it sounds right.  Twitter is the application and it makes sense to “twit” right? After extensive research (yes I actually spent time to look it up), I’ve found that people tweet and not twit. Because of Twitter’s popularity, there is a Twittonary and a site that lists Twitter words.

This is not the first blog post written on the subject and thought, “Hey, I’m not alone.”

But, does it really matter whether you say that you’ve “twitted” instead of “tweeted”? If I was Twitter, I would appreciate if the right word (verb in this case) is used. Like any language, if one uses the word in the wrong context, then you start confusing people of what you’re trying to say.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to use the four letter word because I am not a Twit (idiot).

Photo courtesy of Matt Hamm.

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