Like many women (or men) out there, creating just one dating profile isn’t enough to find your soul mate. With so many platforms to use, it is as cumbersome as logging into several websites just to keep track of those who have taken interest in you, chats, and searching for the next results.

Hootsuite, the leading social management tool, has a solution for those finding love.

Introducing Hootmeet.

Manage most of your dating profiles in one dashboard in this latest integration from Hootsuite.

The interface is familiar to Hootsuite users where you can load your dating profiles (Tinder,, OkCupid and more) into the dashboard. You can then search profiles based on your dating criteria across all sites. Posting is easy as choosing the profile you want to respond in, similar to what you are used to when engaging with people on social media.


Another similar feature is Hootmeet Suggestions where instead of getting articles to share on social, the app will suggest conversation starters to make your move. The list is customised to match your dating profile so you don’t end up with awkward strings of text that you won’t dare send.


While looking at tweets on your streams and someone strikes your fancy, you can swipe right and it will show their dating profile for you to check out. This feature, however, is one that may be great for those who are active in the dating scene, but I wonder if it will show those that aren’t anymore. Say, you have a profile in Tinder and haven’t used it for a long time or have no need for it, there is a possibility that the profile still exists. Also, what if you want to keep your ‘dating status’ private? Something to check out once it has been rolled out to all accounts. It’s a good feature, nevertheless.

A profile grader is again not new to veteran Hootsuite users. In this case, a dating version will score you based on image choice, profile information and general conversation to give you more chances of finding Mr. or Ms. Right.

Lastly, you can assign a contact to a friend’s profile via Matchmaker teams. This is another one I’d like to see in action.

With this addition, it does make it more manageable, not just for social media but for your love life too.

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