I start my day by checking emails, Facebook posts and notifications, tweets, RSS feeds from my favorite websites, forum messages from groups and the list goes on. It is overwhelming and considering I have several emails, engaging with a lot of my contacts is a challenge.

Picture this. Log in to one account then log out. Log in again to another then log out. Maybe open 2 browsers so I can have a couple of them open at the same time. If that doesn’t make you feel stressed, I don’t know what else will.

Things have changed recently and I’ve found several tools that I now use to start my day. I’ve found that using these tools, I spend less time going through the information chaos and I don’t miss an email (even the menial ones).

I’ve moved to Rockmelt and this has been my default browser since it launched. It gives me a pretty good snapshot of what is new from my feeds, tweets and Facebook notifications in one interface. I can also update my status and tweet from one window. No need to move to another tab and log in separately.

I love the “Share” button, which makes it easier for me to share any web page and post it on Facebook and tweet it (yes, in one interface).

The best one yet, is the “View Later” feature. I find an article but don’t have time to read it, then I just click that button. A great bookmarking tool!

They are constantly adding more applications and just found that they’ve added Tumblr. I think I’ve said it enough, “Yes, all that from one interface.”

Threadsy is next and it is a big time saver. It pulls all your emails into one interface. It also has the ability to show a stream from Facebook and Twitter.

What’s great about this tool is that I can respond to an email, tweet or Facebook thread from just one interface. I can search through all my emails with the use of the search bar.

Any changes I’ve made – like sending emails or moving messages to folders – will be reflected in the original account.

The only downside with Threadsy is you can’t search through old emails since it only pulls new and unread emails.

Lastly, Postling. This tool is great if you need to manage several brands and use social media and blog to several communities. Well, it is useful even if it’s just managing one brand, say your company or personal presence on the web.

Postling states, ” it’s the easiest way for small businesses to use social media,” and I agree! It rocks! I have several blogs that I need to maintain and each has its own unique community. Apart from that, managing my conversations with my business contacts have been a challenge until I opened an account in Postling.

I can add several communities to the account and check whether a comment has been made and I can easily reply to it. It tracks all comments made to my status updates. We’ve all experienced old posts getting buried by new Facebook posts and we forget old conversations. Now, I can go back to it and just click on the “Comments” tab so I can scroll down and add to the thread, if needed. This includes blog comments as well.

The stream or comments can also be shared as a blog post, which makes it easier to share and add your two cents in one interface. I also love the keyword tracking tool where you can have it check whether these have been posted or are being talked about. Great stuff for brands!

The only downside is the reviews tool. It uses Yelp, which is only for the U.S.

All these tools have one thing in common – managing social media. Do I get confused on what tool to use when engaging a conversation? Not really. If I’m checking my email, I can then see the stream from Threadsy and manage it from there. If I’m browsing, then Rockmelt is used. When I’m writing, I go for Postling.

I’m hoping one of these tools can include an email marketing tool. Can you imagine having all your contacts, start an email campaign and manage social media in one tool? If you’ve seen or using one, let me know ASAP!

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