A Blog Carnival Experiment

A Blog Carnival Experiment

The first time I heard about Blog Carnivals was about 2 years ago when I was still writing for Know More Media. A colleague within the network, Maria Palma, started one and has successfully maintained it since. This inspired me to follow her lead, even if it feels like it’s been way overdue.

Webinar: Maximizing Your Success to Get a Job in the Industry

With the overwhelming emails and comments I’ve received since I posted the Call Center Agent Interview Questions article, I thought it would good to offer a series of webinars to answer your questions.

As a start, I will be conducting one this coming November 8, specifically for job seekers within the Philippines. It will focus on the local recruitment process, the standard requirements expected of a call center agent applicant, and will touch on some of the common interview questions along with tips on how to answer them.

IBM Technology: Protecting Call Center Recordings

IBM Research Labs have developed new technology to mask and protect private information captured by call centers. It utilizes speech analytics to identify sensitive data that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. Not only does it scan audio recordings but can also do so with recorded screen data.

Blog Review: Tales from the Call Center

I browse through a lot of personal blogs and there are tons out there from agents that either rant or rave about their jobs. I found one that has a lot of promise. Owen, the writer, just started with a few entries. It has grabbed my attention because it focuses on...

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