I browse through a lot of personal blogs and there are tons out there from agents that either rant or rave about their jobs. I found one that has a lot of promise. Owen, the writer, just started with a few entries. It has grabbed my attention because it focuses on real stories yet has that flavor of humor in the posts. Here is one of them.

A few years ago I was working in a technical support call-center when I got a call from a serious-sounding gentleman who was having some issues with his computer, and what I thought was a virus. He began by telling me how he was troubled by people spying on him when he was using the computer, and he felt that the government was inside his computer looking at everything he was doing. I began to explain to him that careful use of a virus-checker, spam-blocker and firewall would help keep intruders from gaining access to his computer in the hope that it would reassure him. However, he interrupted me with a tone of complete paranoia and said:

No! You do not understand me! The FBI and CIA are inside my computer! I have seen them through the little holes in the back of the machine watching me!

Originally posted on Call Center Script.

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