Social media listening may be one of the activities brands don’t prioritise and only about 24% of them use it. Most marketing professionals have focused their energies on deploying campaigns, measuring the impact then move on to the next one. The missing piece of the social strategy puzzle is monitoring.

This may be because not a lot of people understand the benefits. It could also be because it is time-consuming. Or worse, they don’t know what they should be looking for.

Here’s a chance for you to get more perspective and join in my discussion about how social media listening and engagement can be beneficial for your business.

I will be co-hosting with Kieran Snaith, WeLink‘s director of business development on the 5th of November, 1145AM NZDT via Blab. Subscribe now and be notified when we start on the day. You can tune in on the main page and watch us live!

Here is the replay:

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