I’m kicking off the Answered by Experts series with Dani Revell to answer your burning blogging questions in New Zealand.

Hailing from Australia, Danika Revell first fell in to the blogging world while standing in line for a Hanson concert when she lived in London. After her first year in New Zealand, she felt that the blogging community needed somewhere to gather online, to share thoughts and ask questions, and most importantly to find each other. So she started the NZ Blog Collective, an online community for bloggers, by bloggers.

Since then, she’s founded We Are Anthology – a blogging and influencer agency that brings together bloggers and brands, and has assisted numerous blogging ventures in New Zealand. She’s proud to work alongside the NZ Bloggers Network to help support bloggers in New Zealand – “The more support and opportunities for bloggers in New Zealand” the better she says!

Ask Dani more burning blogging questions on the comments section below.

The Interview

Here are some of the questions we tackled in this episode:

  1. What is the state of the NZ blogosphere?
  2. What are the different types of bloggers? Are there more fashion and beauty or maybe food than any other bloggers?
  3. How do brands and bloggers work together in a commercial sense?
  4. What are the challenges working with brands and bloggers?
  5. What should a blogger do when they are ready to ‘commercialise”?
  6. How does social media and blogging work?

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