Using workforce management software helps personnel to monitor an agent’s status real time. It ensures schedule adherence and handling time. Depending on where WFM is situated, it could be difficult to reach a supervisor. Calling them on their extension doesn’t help because they are busy walking the floor.

We implemented walkie-talkies to be used by WFM personnel, team leaders and even QA supervisors. This enables them to communicate faster to the floor. Several things are disseminated:

Thresholds on hold time and talk time
Before it reaches a threshold, they will get a hold of the supervisor and let them know that an agent has reached x number of minutes of talk time. This will then trigger for him to approach the agent and ask if he needs help.

Over break
When someone goes on over break, WFM will notify the floor and will in turn locate the agent to get back on the phones as soon as possible. We’ve had some who forgot or overslept in the sleeping quarters.

Coaching Time
If coaching can’t be scheduled, we had to wait until the agent was ready to be pulled off the phones. A list was given and they were then logged out sequentially. The QA supervisor is then notified that an agent was on their way to receive their feedback. This gives the QA evaluator some time to gather his things and proceed to the coaching room.

One advice though is to make sure you use headsets. The noise disturbs the agents and stresses them out when their name is being mentioned. I’ve had agents mention that they tend to speed up their call and compromise quality due to these tools.

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