I’ve been told countless times that I am fearless. I don’t hold back and I wasn’t scared of the unknown, as long as I can do what I want in life.

But, 2016 was safe.

I had to step back and be in the sidelines.

I set aside my entrepreneurial pursuits this year and took a job. It was stable and comfortable. It became my priority. Life started to sound like a steady hum. I was truly grateful and there should be no reason to complain.

But, like all things, it came with a price. I had to go on hiatus with other things.
NZ Bloggers Network wasn’t the community I wanted it to be. SocialJam, my Blab show stopped (not only because the tool was gone). I didn’t publish any blog posts. I didn’t go to networking events like I used to. I had to let go of #SMCAKL. All my plans being a Hootsuite ambassador didn’t push through. Worst of all, I was a bit out of touch with the industry.

I saw myself in a bubble, while the world I wanted to be in moved on without me.

It didn’t feel right. It wasn’t me.

I finally mustered enough courage to burst out of my “cubicle bubble”.

The Turning Point

My trip to Boston for the Inbound conference was the best decision I made this year.

It was when I knew that Jam was back.

2017 is going to be scary, exciting, and busy.

I’ve always loved to train. New Zealand Institute of Education (NZIE) has given me the opportunity to continue my passion next year as a digital marketing tutor. Also in the horizon are some workshops that I’ve been ask to conduct.

I have new clients coming in to help them with webinar event management, social media strategy, content management and advertising.Social Imageries will be re-launched with an affiliate program. We will now include Cinemagraphs which will be offered primarily to agencies.

NZ Bloggers Network will also be revamped to offer something different to local bloggers.

I will still continue to be a Hootsuite ambassador and be more active in the community.

…and best of all, I wish to reconnect with colleagues in the industry, old friends and family.

It is frightening to not live the life that I know will change someone’s life (however small) – which is my true motivation to be fearless.

Happy 2017 everyone!


Personally created this cinemagraph. A service by Social Imageries.

This post was originally published on my Facebook timeline.

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