Writing is something I want to do for the rest of my life.  It’s just sad that I only decided to focus on it very recently.  The first time I wrote and loved it was about 20+ years ago.  I wrote my first short story.  To this day I wonder if I’ll ever get to see it again.

“Better late than never!”, I always said.  With so much enthusiasm I decided to do it full time.  I left my high paying job just to have time to write.

Other than starting my book and hope to publish it someday, I focused my energies in blogging.  I started 3 years ago with 2 private blogs, created Call Center Blurbs, got discovered and was invited to write as a paid blogger for Call Center Script.  Now, I’ve created several more apart from this personal blog.

I decided to continue writing at Call Center Blurbs when Know More Media ceased their operations last August.  Decided to start a new one called Knowledge Pulse, which talked about gaining knowledge and enhancement of skills within the professional arena.  With the recent venture on entrepreneurship, I also write in Philippine Webinars, promoting the webinar and virtual events industry within the Philippine space.  The latest is Philippine Customer Service, which discusses about the state of customer service within the country, hoping to elevate its standards for better business and personal experiences.

It is going to be difficult to keep content fresh in each of the blogs but I know I just need to pace myself.  By creating structure and scheduling posts for each blog will help.  I’ve always been the organized freak anyway, so I might as well use it.

Do visit some or all of the blogs.  You might just like one that suits your taste.

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