Top 3 Call Types & Situations During the Holiday Season

Christmas is definitely a season when a call center gets more than a fair share of call types.  Situations are either interesting, funny, emotional, stressful, frustrating, and overrated. Inquiries on Purchases & Delivery It’s gift giving season! Ordering online...

A Typical Call Center Training Room

Most would expect that a training room in any industry would look the same.  Is it different in the call center setting?  Yes, but this is of course dependent on the culture of the center itself and how the training department is being run. The usual training room...

Advice Column: Passing Call Center Assessments

Faith emailed and asked some advice on how to pass the initial group of exams being conducted in call centers. This is her story (edited):

“Hi! I am applying for a call center job but I still don’t have it. I’ve applied in several call centers and had my exam today but I didn’t make it. I also went to a job fair and was successful but failed the final interview. I will not give up and hope that someday I will be able to work in a call center.”

Call Center Agent: Interview Questions

Part of the recruitment process, usually the initial interview is the most critical. Most centers would have a structured. I’ve listed some common interview questions to help you prepare when you apply in a call center. If you have anything more, please send it over so we can list as many as possible.

Quality Monitoring is Evolving

I started out when we had no choice but use a tape recorder stuck to an analog phone. Can you imagine dialing an agent’s ID and wait until the right moment to press the Record button? That was then. Now most call centers have their own automated recording solution.

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