PCI Compliance in a Call Center

Due to today’s constant advancement of technology, we expect gadgets to come out with the latest and most number of features in one device. It is common to have a phone, camera and wireless connectivity in one. It’s just cool to have one but a waste to bring into the office if you work in a call center. Well, not entirely.

Call Center Agent Interview Advice: Practice and Research

Interviewing for a new job is always scary, especially for a new graduate. With no experience and little information about the job, it is normal to hesitate.

A lot of readers sent their emails asking alist of questions and favorable answers to call center agent interviews. Though it would be easier to give the answers, it would not be fair to you or the company interviewing for the open positions. What we can do is provide some guidance on how to pass.

Call Center Agent: Interview Advice

Thank you for the overwhelming comments and interest in this topic. It only proves that a lot of people, even newly graduates are keen on joining the industry. This is good news. In as much as I would like to answer all your emails individually (which I have to most readers), I would like to summarize what I’ve sent so far.

Emergency Services: The Call Center

What does a “911” call center look like?  How are dispatchers or agents trained? What does it take to be one? I recently posted about the idea of a call center for emergency services being outsourced. I couldn’t help but research a little bit about these centers and...

Emergency Services: Outsource or Not?

A New Zealand 111 (ala 911) agent was reprimanded for failing to get critical information when a woman called to report her husband was threatening her life.  Her husband was shot.  Reports state that it would’ve prepared police to handle the situation. Okay, so what...

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