About Virtual Discoveries

As far as I can remember, I’ve always searched for the one thing (or two) I would do that will define who I am. I’ve done some soul searching, talked to friends, read self-help books, and even took official tests just to sift through my “jack of all trades” life.

Finally, almost getting frustrated with my endless pursuit, I found that I love to discover, experiment, and share. Regardless of what industry or project I’m in, it always ended up in those three things.

With that, I decided to start this blog, to document what I find, in relation to the virtual (or online) space. I might post some offline experiences, but only if it doesn’t fit into my other blogs.

It will take time to aggregate all my discoveries (imagine the years of research!), but I hope to archive them here, knowing you might find them helpful. Since I also need some help, feel free to add your own discoveries.

I’m off to find inspiration, get my words out of my head to share here, gain a new perspective, and discover killer ideas!

I’d like to credit the person who created the words and image found in my header. This was found decades ago and wish I took his / her name down. Whoever you are, thank you!

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