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Blab: Unlocking the Secrets to Social Media Listening

Social media listening may be one of the activities brands don't prioritise and only about 24% of them use it. Most marketing professionals have focused their energies on deploying campaigns, measuring the impact then move on to the next one. The missing piece of the...

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Should you Jump on Blab IM?

Blab. Probably the next best thing since Periscope. A live stream tool where “blabbers” can start a discussion of any topic with an audience that is keen to hear what they have to say or even other share their own perspective.

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Equity Crowdfunding Journey Starts for Crowd Loyalty Rippr

An entrepreneur pitches his idea to investors and anything he says could make or break the deal. Ever heard of Dragon’s Den, the TV series? The experience can be nerve-wracking. Enter crowdfunding – where the public can support an entrepreneur’s idea and get a reward in return.

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