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Life is Too Short to be Afraid

I've been told countless times that I am fearless. I don't hold back and I wasn't scared of the unknown, as long as I can do what I want in life. But, 2016 was safe. I had to step back and be in the sidelines. I set aside my entrepreneurial pursuits this year and took...

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Blab: Instagram Best Practices

Here is my Blab episode featuring Grzegorz Berezowski, CEO of Napoleon Cat, based in Poland. He discussed the importance of storytelling to help you build your story on Instagram, tips, and tricks to grow your follower base, using hashtags to expand your reach and how...

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Instagram Users in New Zealand 2015

We've seen Instagram users grow across the world but how many are using it in New Zealand? About 16% of New Zealand's population are Instagram users and growing. It's not a surprise that a bulk of its users is mostly from 'Generation C (Connected)'. 61% of it being...

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Blab: How to Sell on Social Media

E-commerce is starting to gain ground on social media with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Even Snapchat is getting into the game by getting users to send money via their app. Buy buttons are popping up everywhere on social and we...

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Blab: Fandoms and Social Media

The Philippines recently broke the Twitter world record of number of tweets created with one hashtag in a 24-hour period. Around 41 million were recorded fromĀ fans tweeting at a charity concert. We've seen it happen before as hashtags were trending mostly for TV shows...

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Blab: Innovative Examples of Location Based Marketing

This was my first episode on #SocialJam and I was so privileged to have Manolo Almagro, Sr. Managing Director - Technology + Innovation of TPN. He has 15+ years of experience working with global brands integrating mobile, e-commerce and in-store technologies. In the...

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